Minister of Higher Education Visits the CEW, December 8th 2022

We were honored to welcome the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Beddari, to the premises of our Center for Excellence in Writing. Accompanying him was Prof. Dr. Bouras Ahmed, the Rector of the University of Constantine 3. The visit marked a significant milestone for our center, showcasing the commitment of our leaders to advancing research and education in Algeria.

During the visit, Mr. Kherouatou Mahieddine, the head of the center, along with members of his dedicated staff, presented the center’s missions and ongoing projects. The comprehensive presentation highlighted our efforts in fostering a robust environment for scientific research, supporting academic writing, and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.

Prof. Dr. Beddari expressed his appreciation and encouragement for the activities and initiatives undertaken by the center. His positive feedback and support were highly motivating for all of us, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in research and education.

The visit concluded on a high note, with a general sense of satisfaction and optimism. The minister’s visit not only recognized the hard work and dedication of our team but also underscored the importance of our center’s role in the scientific and academic community of Algeria. We look forward to continuing our efforts and achieving new milestones in our mission to advance scientific research and academic excellence.