As writing consultants at the Center for Excellence in Writing, our team is composed of highly skilled and experienced writers who are dedicated to helping students at the University of Constantine 3. They have a diverse range of academic backgrounds and specialize in various disciplines, including Arts, political sciences, Architecture and health sciences. Our consultants provide one-on-one consultations, online support, and workshops to assist students in all stages of the writing process. They are committed to creating a supportive and collaborative environment to help students achieve their writing goals. ( Description of each consultants after I collect more information about them).

Imen Djemaa

Specialty: Architecture

Working language: French / English

Yakouta Djamâa is a talented and experienced consultant who specialises in architecture, technology, and environmental design. With a master’s degree in architecture and ongoing doctoral studies in architecture and technology in Italy, she has extensive knowledge and skills in the field. Her multilingual proficiency allows her to communicate effectively with clients from different backgrounds.

Yakouta’s communication skills and ability to learn quickly make her an excellent fit for any project. She has strong organisational and management skills, and her experience in event, conference, and workshop organisation makes her an asset to any team. Yakouta’s digital skills include expertise in office suites, technical drawing software, 3D modelling, and rendering.

As a writing centre consultant, Yakouta brings her skills and knowledge to help clients refine their writing and communication skills. Her versatile, dynamic, and flexible nature makes her an effective collaborator, and her excellent interpersonal skills ensure a positive and productive working environment.

Moumin Ali-Guechi

Specialty: political science

Working language: English / arabic / french

Abdel Moumin ALI-GUECHI is pursuing a PhD in political science and serving as an adjunct instructor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Constantine 3. He obtained his bachelor’s in political and administrative organizations and his master’s in public policy, both from the same faculty. He was also a trainee at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, Poland, as part of his Erasmus+ participation. Moumin’s research interests revolve around the intersection of football and politics, as well as youth empowerment and youth policies in Algeria.

Moufida Boukazoula

Specialty: Arts & cultures

Working language: arabic / English

Moufida Boukazoula is an Art PhD with impressive skills and language proficiency. She is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree from the Faculty of Arts and Culture at the University of Constantine 3.
Her talent in paintinig, miniature, and photography is impressive. She has participated in several scientific workshops, conferences, and has published a paper in an international collective book titled “Alhajjaj Between Theory and Practice” from the University of El Tarf. Her vast knowledge and expertise are what makes Moufida an excellent consultant at the Writing Center

Lina Meftah

Specialty: Architecture

Working language: French / English

Lina Meftah is a talented architecture student with a keen eye for contemporary artistic design. She has an excellent sense of teamwork and interpersonal skills, coupled with a strong work ethic and organisational abilities. Her experience in an architecture firm involved observing meetings and project phases, contributing to plan development, and creating 2D plans and 3D views. Lina has also participated in trade shows and demonstrated excellent communication and organisational skills. In addition to her architectural pursuits, Lina has provided volunteer tutoring and academic support since 2018. Her skills in writing, drawing, and photography would make her a valuable consultant for a writing centre.

Rayen Dorbane

Specialty: Medicine

Working language: French / English

Rayane Dorbane is a medical student at Constantine3 University. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree with high honours in the Scientific stream. Her exceptional academic performance is reflected in her impressive GPA. She also participated in various Mathematics and Physics Olympics during her time at the high school. Rayane possesses excellent industry knowledge, interpersonal skills, and communication abilities, making her a great fit for the role of a writing centre consultant. Furthermore, her proficiency in English and French, as well as her interest in research and leadership, adds to her overall qualifications.

Manar Amina Abada

Specialty: Pharmacy

Working language:  English / arabic

Manar is a knowledgeable and skilled consultant at the writing centre. She has a degree in Pharmacy and is passionate about using computer technology to design drugs. Her research focused on identifying the best compounds for treating anxiety and evaluating their effectiveness in the human body. Abada has experience in many different areas of pharmacy, including microbiology, biochemistry, and toxicology. She is a member of several professional organisations and has expertise in a variety of software and techniques related to drug design. Additionally, she has presented her research at prestigious conferences. Amina’s expertise and experience make her an excellent consultant who can help with many different types of writing projects.

Abdelhak Lakehal

Specialty: Medicine

Working language: French

Lakehal Abdelhak, hospital-university senior lecturer, working at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Constantine 3 Salah Boubnider. Specialist practitioner in Epidemiology, Public Health, and Preventive Medicine at the Didouche Mourad hospital. Researcher and trainer in research methodology and statistical analysis methods in medical and health sciences. Author and contributor to numerous scientific publications.

Serine Boulsan

Specialty: Process engineering

Working language: French / English

Process engineering student, currently completing a masters degree in pharmaceutical engineering at Salah Boubnider university.

I completed internships in several companies and a factory, where I gained valuable skills in communication and group organization.
I am confident that my analytical skills, interest in new technologies, and ability to work in a team will allow me to contribute positively to the community of the school as well as the center.

Lidia Rezine

Specialty: Pharmacy

Working language: French / English

Lotfi Ali-Guechi

Specialty: Information & communication science

Working language: arabic / English / French 

Faida Medjdoub

Speciality: dental surgery

Working language: French / English

Medjdoub Faida is a dentist who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Constantine in the year 2022. Motivated by a passion for sharing knowledge and possessing excellent communication skills, Faida hopes to assist as many students as possible in their research journeys.