Please read carefully

Making an Appointment

All appointments are booked for a full hour and start on time (for example, 12pm/1pm), although you are not obligated to use the full hour if you do not need it. Although our appointments are scheduled for an hour, expect the standard consultation to last about 45 minutes. This gives our consultants the opportunity to complete their notes and prepare for their next consultation.

What We Offer

Like writing centers around the world, our mission is to provide individual support for your development as a writer. This includes all stages of the writing process. However, the Writing Center is not an editing or proofreading service. This simply means that we will not go through your paper to find and correct all errors for you. We recommend that you complete the development and organization of your draft before refining the sentences, so be sure to budget time in your writing process for a revision stage and an editing/proofreading stage. Whatever you choose to work on with us, you will be actively involved in the process because you are the writer!

Late Policy

Our consultants are asked to wait 15 minutes before marking your appointment as “absent,” whether in person or remotely. At that time, you may reschedule your appointment. Keep in mind that two absences will result in the deactivation of your appointment scheduling ability for 30 days.

Maximum Number of Visits Policy

Each writer can schedule up to two appointments per week during regular academic semesters. That is, writers can schedule up to one hour of writing tutoring per day and up to two hours of writing tutoring per week, depending on availability. If you have a particular circumstance and need an additional appointment, please email cew@univ-constantine3.dz. We sometimes make exceptions!

Excessive Cancellation Policy

Taking and then canceling more than seven appointments in a semester will result in the deactivation of the ability to schedule appointments.

Missed Appointment Policy

If two appointments are missed without at least 24 hours’ notice, your ability to schedule appointments in our system will be deactivated for 30 days. And if a 3rd appointment is missed, you won’t be eligible for another appointment during the current academic year.